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With the rapid development of online shopping, the right display of goods on the store no matter from commodity itself or the light is becoming more and more demanding. According to the survey, people are more willing to spend money in stores, Panera will therefore work with shop operators, make light brings to the consumer a pleasant visual and shopping experience.


Now shop lighting is not only to provide the necessary illumination function, more consideration should be given to the environmental protection and sustainability.

The commodity is red wine in Figure 1, this is a special commodity, with special requirements for temperature. So as far as possible we don't need the lamps of high temperature, but chose the 2700 Kelvin or even lower color temperature LED light strip, through the glass, to light on the red wine. We boldly used the white light in Figure 2, since we need to use white lights to illuminate the penguins and snowflakes, to create a kind of bright snow. This is two kinds of disparate adornment. We are thinking, what the right lighting can show the best selling point of the products and in what way to provide customers with the best feeling on the vision,and how to build an atmosphere of purchase.


These are our problems for customers in the lighting design for shops, Panera's goal is to work closely with store, architects and interior designers, to custom tailored development.

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