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Key Features
* 4pcs slim sized LED rigid strip light bars
* 1pc wall adapter driver with output cable plus a distribution box
* Included mounting accessories
* Frosted light diffuser,even light output
* High brightness,long lifetime
* Blister package
Technical Data
Item No. LED Colour Body Finish Strip Length LED Qty Lumen Output Lamp Power Driver Power Input/Output Voltage IP Grade
CLS201-KT4-12D-12SWWS-0.3M-6WP WWS 2700K Frosted White 4×0.3m 4*12pcs 4*65lm 4*0.96W 6W 100-240VAC/12VDC IP20
CLS201-KT4-12D-12WW-0.3M-6WP WW 3000K Frosted White 4×0.3m 4*12pcs 4*75lm 4*0.96W 6W 100-240VAC/12VDC IP20
CLS201-KT4-12D-12NW-0.3M-6WP NW 4000K Frosted White 4×0.3m 4*12pcs 4*85lm 4*0.96W 6W 100-240VAC/12VDC IP20
CLS201-KT4-12D-12CW-0.3M-6WP CW 6000K Frosted White 4×0.3m 4*12pcs 4*90lm 4*0.96W 6W 100-240VAC/12VDC IP20

LED Strip Connectors
Data Sheet
File Name
Update date
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File Name: ALL10-10-0.5M0.8M ALL02-10-0.5M0.8M Data Sheet
Update date: 2016-12-17
Size: 24.00KB
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