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Key Features
*Meet DMX512 protocol
*Eight different speed level, 256 levels of grey, totally 16.77 million colors, really full color
*Convenient for wiring and installation, automatic parameter memory
Technical Data
Item No. Working Voltage
Modes/Levels of
by software
Control Interface Linkable way Size mm (L×W×H) IP Rating
CC-RM-RF15-DMX512-12V 12V DC 16./8 Yes Remote, Max. 50m DMX512 1990 Extension Cable 116x80x47 IP20

①Power On/Off

②12VDC input interface

③Download interface

④RJ45 Output

⑤XLR 3 Male output interface

⑥XLR 3 Female output interface

Can be used with strips
LED Strips
Data Sheet
File Name
Update date
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File Name: LED Controllers Data Sheet
Update date: 2016-12-17
Size: 24.00KB
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