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Panera is the manufacturer of LED strips that offer energy efficient and modern solutions to various lighting applications. LED strip is one of the easiest to install and most energy efficient forms of lighting. Our long-life LED strips are offered in high performance and strict consistency. There is a wide variety of LED strips which can differ from LED type, LED density, brightness, color temperature, color-changing, waterproof capabilities and so on. To have a general idea about our LED strips, please download the index of our main led strips. Customization to your specific requirements is also available.

Super Working Length LED Flexible Strip

30Meter Flex-30LED/M 230LM/M

20Meter Flex-50LED/M 380LM/M, 60LED/M 460LM/M

12Meter Flex-120 LED/M 735LM/M

9Meter Flex-240 LED/M 1470LM/M

High Efficiency Ultra Bright LED Flexible Strip

Flex 140LM/W 3560LM/M 140LED/M

Super Bright LED Flexible Strip

Flex 90LED/M*2ROWS 2100LM/M, 120LED/M*2ROWS 1850LM/M

Flex 240LED/M 1850LM/M

IP68 Underwater LED Flexible Strip

IP68 Flex 50LED/M 300LM/M

Sign Box Use LED Flexible Strip

Free Foldable Flex 60LED/M 1330LM/M

Side Emitting LED Flexible Strip

Side Emitting Flex 48LED/M 410LM/M, 120LED/M 1020LM/M

Linear LED Flexible Strip

LED Flex Neon 120LED/M, 60LED RGB/M

Linear Flex Opal 240LED/M

Linear Flex Side 120LED/M

RGBW/RGB LED Flexible Strip


RGB Flex 30LED/M,60LED/M

Tunable White LED Flexible Strip

Tw Flex 60*2LED/M,120*2LED/M

Narrow WidthLED Flexible Strip

6MM Width Flex 120LED/M

6MM Width Flex 180LED/M

Common LED Flexible Strip

Flex 30LED/M 3528

Flex 60LED/M 3528

Flex 120LED/M 3528

Flex 30LED/M 5050

Flex 60LED/M 5050

Special Color Flex 120LED/M

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