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Key Features
*Double ended, with 0.1M intermediate cables
*Suitable for single colour led strip
Technical Data
ITEM No. Input Voltage Applicable Strip Cable Length Strips Width Terminal Colour Cable AWG
FSCNT-DB-S12-0.1M-BUK DC12V/24V Single color 0.1M 12mm White 22AWG
FSCNT-DB-S10-0.1M-BUK DC12V/24V Single color 0.1M 10mm White 22AWG
FSCNT-DB-S8-0.1M-BUK DC12V/24V Single color 0.1M 8mm White 22AWG
Can be used with strips
LED Strips
Data Sheet
File Name
Update date
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File Name: Fast Fix Connector Data Sheet
Update date: 2016-12-17
Size: 24.00KB
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